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Core Values

Freedom Loving and God Fearing

We are founded upon traditional American values and the teachings of Christ. This means not only do we treat others as we wish to be treated, we cherish freedom and individual autonomy. This manifests in a variety of ways, from the way we serve our clients, to our passion for tailoring the right plan for each individual client. This also informs the products we provide, and why we are dedicated to providing an extensive and comprehensive suite of offerings, that give us the freedom to craft the plan that will give them the financial freedom and autonomy that will allow them to get the most out of the life they choose to live.

Family First / Selfless Service 

Our work is personal because we care. We are passionate about financial planning. We care deeply about our clients and their families. We are our clients. We’ve been where they are. It’s why our clients, as well as our team members, are more than that; they’re family. We’re a hardworking team who delivers on promises because our clients rely on  us, and we on each other. Our success has happened because we’ve run our business with the understanding that you build the best relationships with people you want to be around and putting others needs ahead of our own. When we meet a potential client, we never see them as a prospect. Rather, we ask “How can we help them?”, and we do so for the right reasons, always intentionally. We know that our success and theirs are intertwined.

Client Experience Focused 

We continually strive for our customer experience to be best-in-class. We must be responsive and accommodating to make the FLEX Wealth Management Experience a delightful one. We listen carefully with our whole selves and take extra steps to ensure all our clients feel appreciated and heard. We are more than financial experts, we are caring people. We have a genuine interest in our clients’ lives, their families, their hopes and dreams. This gives us the mandate to create a financial strategy that transcends our clients’ expectations and enact our commitment to selfless service that allows us the opportunity to share in our clients lives, forging life long relationships. We desire that anyone who comes along our path, whether or not they become a client, feels that we care.

Forward Thinking and Acting 

FLEX Wealth Management is successful today through boundless energy, sacrifice, and hard work, but there is so much more to do! We embrace the opportunities that continue to emerge and we are dedicated to the evolution of our brand and constantly becoming better than we are today. We dive headfirst into our destiny, fully confident in our expertise, while recognizing the needs of the “new” client to grow with them in mind. We are open to new ideas and accepting of change that aligns with our purpose to be the best in our industry. Our challenge is to thoughtfully and proactively use our collective intuition to utilize our time and energy wisely and deftly. We are passionate about learning, growing and improving. We strive for greatness. We stay sharp.

Authenticity and Integrity: Do The Right Thing At All Times 

We’re not perfect and we don’t claim to be. But we are proven experts. And its not lost on us how crucial the work we do is and how much it affects our clients’ lives. We know how much is at stake. Our financial planning deftness, ability to look at our clients’ situations from all angles, tried and true process, flexible product offerings, and dedication to client experience position us to take on any project, regardless of the challenges, that we choose to. However, we are fully aware that our clients cannot do what we do or know what we know. Therefore we must constantly but thoughtfully unlock their true wants and needs, educate them on the process, structure the right plan, provide rationale on our recommendation, and and continually monitor and review the performance of their plan. Part of being authentic is telling them the truth, even if that means us saying no to a client for their own good.

Lead The Pack

Our industry has many areas that need to be improved, and we are leading the charge. Often times clients can be treated as a number rather than a name. Many advisors offer the same cookie-cutter solutions over and over, and once the plan is in motion, they may have a ‘set-it-and forget it’ methodology. Not at FLEX Wealth Management. We do important work, and so do others in our industry. We believe that the current landscape of financial planners needs across the board improvements. There are some great financial planners, just not enough of them to go around. For this reason, we don’t see other excellent financial planners as competitors, we see them as allies. Our enemy is bad service, incompetence, greed and lack of attention to detail. Our only competition is ourselves.