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Voice and Tone

Client Centered

Joyful and Passionate: Alive, Happy, Enthusiastic, Optimistic

Our tone is upbeat and welcoming with a healthy energy. And although we know the work we do is very serious, we bring joy to the process. We take great pride in the work we do for others, which is what we were put on Earth to do, and we let it shine through, unabashedly. Our own zest for life should be illustrated in our tone and message whenever appropriate. We bring passion and energy to our often dry industry so our tone is fresh, and therefore refreshing.

Client Centered

Personable and Professional: Experienced, Knowledgeable, Friendly

We are experienced financial planning experts. We understand that people can act strangely about money and that trust is the key. We bring across our knowledge in simple and friendly ways that make people feel comfortable in our industry capabilities and with our upstanding, genuine personalities.

Client Centered

Inspirational and Aspirational: Expressive, Positive, Empowering, Heartfelt, Charismatic, Optimistic

We are steadfast in our ability to take on any project that we choose with passion, ability and energy. We seek to both inspire our clients as well as compel them to aspire to a higher level. We know that the sky is the limit.

Client Centered

Humble, But Confident: Approachable, Authentic, Genuine, Friendly, Trustworthy

We adopt the tone of the quarterback: We are direct and driven, yet we act with humility. We know what we are doing, and we’re experts, but that doesn’t go to our heads. We are grateful for what we have, but strive for more. And when we get it, we’ll be grateful for that too. We know that it’s a team effort and no one gets there without friends, family, and God’s grace.